I'm always asked if i'm new to Quicken or an existing user every time i open quicken

I have recently moved Quicken to a new PC and every time i open the software it is asking me if I'm a new user or and existing user. I then have to search and select the Quicken file I wish to open. It has never done this before except the very first time I used the software some 8 years ago.

Can I get some advice on how remedy this.


Jeff A

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  • GerryWinter
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    I recommend creating a new folder at the top of C: drive and i call it Reckon Data, so do a backup and then restore it to that location and you will then need to open it from that location, the the time do what Deepak said about having the name no more than 8 Characters long. Call me if you wish.

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  • Jeff_Ainge
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    Perfect. Works as expected.

    Many thanks.

    Do you know how to increase font size without changing screen resolution?

  • StephenAndre
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    Hi Jeff,

    I was having the same issue. Resolved it by renaming the data file I wished to import to simply QDATA.QDF. This allows Quicken to read this file as the original, and then rename subsequent backup files automatically as per your settings. It is also important to have this original data file in the same folder location as the one you nominate your backups to save to.

    Hope this helps :)