Entering pay run in the new reckon app

Hi the new app is so different to the old one. Can I just add gross wages and tax deducted like before without putting in hours worked and rate per hour.

As we just pay ourselves an amount not based on a rate per hour.

I have not used the new app yet I tried today but could not work out how to enter gross amount and then tax and then super. I am a bit behind in submitting pay runs, so was going to enter them individually in one go.


  • Rav
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    Hi @Ana Vukovic

    The Payroll App is a fair bit different from the old STP app and it works by calculating actual pay runs and sending this data to the ATO via your STP submissions. This is required under the ATO's expansion of Single Touch Payroll to phase 2 which requires stricter itemization of certain pays and what they are made up of.

    If you were using the old STP app previously, its reporting method of just entering in a balance in manually is no longer be compliant under STP phase 2 and as such we need a payroll-centric solution in order for our users to remain compliant with their reporting.

    I'm going to link some resources below which will step you through getting started on creating pay runs in the Payroll App -

    Help Video - Creating a Pay Run in the Payroll App

    Help Guide - Creating a Pay Run in the Payroll App