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L Childs
L Childs Member Posts: 21

Has anyone used BeanWiz? And your thoughts on what it can do?

Thank you


  • PhuongDo
    PhuongDo Reckon Developer Partner Posts: 314 ✭✭✭

    Hi @L Childs,

    beanwiz (made by me) provides some free utilities as it states on the main page:

    Batch Update Price Levels

    Batch Update To Be Emailed/Printed

    Import General Journal Entry from Excel files ( with a pre-defined format)

    Import Transactions (Invoices, PO, etc..) from XML/CSV/Excel files (any format)

    Since it is free so it is pretty limited, if you want to do anything beyond that, please let me know, I can provide a working solution for you.

  • DSAV
    DSAV Member Posts: 2

    I used this today, and it is fabulous! Just a little adapting for the mapping of our invoice details, then import then voila - an invoice is perfectly uploaded to Reckon. Thanks Phoung!