STP lodgement declined by ATO

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Hi, My STP lodgemnt has been declined by the ATO with the following message:


The value specified for an item does not match the item type (value = "-1000", item type = Decimal, uniqueID = Hint: The MinInclusive constraint failed.

 The software I am using is Reckon One Touch Payroll App. The value of -1000 is automatically generated by this software when I input a voluntary superfund salary sacrifice contribution of $1000.

The other data for this first payroll run is as follows

(1) Salary earnings = $1800

(2) SGC = $180

(3) Voluntary salary sacrifice = $1000

(4) Deductions = 0

(5) Tax = 0

The software then generates Nett Pay = $800 and Gross= -$1000????


  • Rav
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    Hi @faigey

    Can you give me a bit more of a breakdown in how you're constructing this pay run eg. hourly rate and hours in the earning item prior to entering in the $1000.00 salary sacrifice component.

    I've tried to recreate the pay run in my own account to test it out which I'll show in the screenshot below -

    (Note: this was created in the web access of the Payroll App rather than within the mobile app just for convenience but same result in the app)

  • faigey
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    Hi Rav

    Firstly just to describe my circumstances . I have created my own Pty Ltd company. My company provides a professional service to other professional companies. I am also an employee of my own company. I can make salary payments from my company to myself ad hoc. That is there is no set work hours nor is there any set hourly rate for myself as an employee there is no leave entitlements and no payg tax to be deducted. I am a casual worker for my company.

    For my first pay run, using the reckon single touch payroll app , I tried a trial run to have my company pay myself Earnings and leave = $1800. The app then automatically determines 10% SGC of $180. I specify Voluntary salary sacrifice to my SMSF of $1000. I chose zero tax rate so that the end result is I get $1800-$1000 = $800 nett gross wage and my company pays SGC of $180. There are zero allowances specified.

    Example Pay date specified 09 Mar 2022; Pay period 08 Feb -08 Mar 2022

    To make this happen using the Reckon Payroll App I simply chose and made an artificial base rate of $100 per hour and an artificial quantity/ hours of 18 hours to give a company paid salary of $1800.

    The app then produces for this payrun "Earnings and Leave =$1800; Allowances = $0; Deductions $1000; Tax = $0; Net pay = $800 and Gross earnings = -$1000.

    Now I may not be interpreting how the app should be used for my circumstances. Perhaps with these facts you may be able to advise a more appropriate way of inputting the data.


  • swakhlu01 .
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    @faigey One has to make an assumption here that you have followed all the steps in the payroll app in Company settings and you have registered the software with ATO using your ABN details etc. (Thought just confirm this).

    Using Payroll App version 2.19.83 I obtained the following results for the figures you have listed. This looks similar to @Rav listed image from Payroll App Web version. (There is another line at bottom which the screen shot missed - "Net Pay $800")

  • faigey
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    Hi swakhlu01

    I can confirm and I have checked with ATO that all company details have been registered successfully.

    My gross earnings continue to read -$1000.

    I can see your readings correctly note gross earnings as $800. This is what it should be.

    Can you please describe for me the steps you have taken to obtain earnings and leave as $1800.

    ie what values of rate/ hour and quantity of hours specified. I suspect there is something amiss by me when specifying these values in order to get an earnings and leave value of $1800.

  • swakhlu01 .
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    @faigey - I followed exactly the same steps you have listed in your post. The only thing other than reloading the software, I can suggest is check that you are using the Ordinary Earnings (default version) from the Earnings menu list.

  • faigey
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    Hi swakhlu01

    Thank you very much . You nailed it.

    I had previously used the edit function to create an Earnings name “Company paid salary”.

    I am not familiar with the formatting details used to develop this app. However, for some reason if one uses their own created earnings name then it results in the experience I was having and as explained previously.

    Definitely when I opt in lieu to use the Ordinary Earnings (default version) from the Earnings menu list, as you suggest, then everything is sweet and logical.

    I am extremely grateful for your comments. You have no idea of the number of hours I have spent trying to resolve this issue. Indeed I was at the point of trying some other software.

    Perhaps Reckon will offer you a well paid position with their organisation.


  • swakhlu01 .
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    @faigey Thanks for your comments. No I am happy with my current role. My satisfaction is in helping out my fellow Payroll App users on this community forum.