QBDT 2010/11

Guess this has been addressed a few times. I am running QB 2010/11 on a decent but outdated desktop running XP.

My QB licence is apparently still good until 2029 and is needed for keeping books for at least 6 family entities.

I need to retire the old pc and would dearly love to migrate the software to a W10 laptop running 64bit. I believe I have successfully set up the laptop to run a 32 bit app like my QB version but cannot complete the installation.

To make things worse I hold a more modern subscription based version of QB which I started many moons ago...and have never got up and running.

I do not want to set up 6 separate subscriptions esp when I wld still have to maintain the old version for history etc.

Any ideas?


  • Kris_Williams
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    I’m not aware of a solution to your problem unfortunately. Is your modern subscription licensed? What version exactly? Why can’t you move the 2010 files to the other one?

  • Omar_ReckonLtd
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    Hi @StephB

    What specific product and version do you have?

    What has stopped you from getting the modern subscription based software of QuickBooks (by Reckon now known as Reckon Accounts) up and running?

    If you are able to install and activate your 'modern / recent' version of Reckon Accounts then you can OPEN/UPGRADE your six company data files (QBW) using the newer version software.

    Recommend that you get the more recent modern version of the software that is compatible with Windows 10 up and running. The Technical Support Team can assist with that.