Share price download on Personal Plus 2022

I have not been able to get the share prices to download since 26 April. I have not made any alterations to the system.

Why is this happening?


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,087 Community Manager Community Manager

    I've just run a share price update on my Personal Plus 2021 installation and its updated to Friday's prices (screenshot below).

    Are all your shares not updating or a select one/few?

    I'd recommend checking out the guide that I'll link below as it contains info on the most common reasons why share prices can fail to update and how to resolve it -

  • jkp
    jkp Member Posts: 14

    None of the share prices were updating. It all started when I added another stock. The ticker symbol was incorrect and it apparently blocked all of the other 35 prices being updated. What a crazy system. All 35 shares failed because of one incorrect ticker symbol.

    Thank you for your advice and the link.