File Operations

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  • Anewton
    Anewton Member Posts: 2

    Can someone please update me as to how I can get File Operations to work. Trying to do a copy and it will not allow any operations at all? Thank you

  • Rav
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    Hi @Anewton

    I've just tested copying via File Operations in my Personal Plus 2021 installation and it seemed to work as normal. What is happening specifically when you attempt to do so? ie. where is the process failing?

    Have you specified the directory where you want the copied file to be stored?

    Which version of software are you using?

  • Anewton
    Anewton Member Posts: 2

    Hello Rav. It seems that any function under the file operation tab is simply not working. I click on the menu and nothing happens. I am using 2022 accounts home and business. It also was happening on the 2021 version but only recently.