Can add a new company to Reckon Payroll App

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Is it possible to add another company to my Reckon Payroll App so I can report STP for an employee out of another company than the one that was originally set up? Can't see how to add a company anywhere?


  • Rav
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    Hi @LM01

    Each account you create on the Payroll App will support one ABN so if you're looking to create another company it will require its own account ie. email address, password, MFA, Software ID etc. You'll need to sign out of the first account and then login to the second one etc.

    An important note to be aware of if you are using the Payroll App with the Premium plan - The Premium plan for the Payroll App is an in-app purchase which means the subscription for it is linked with your Google/Apple account. Like other paid apps you can only have one premium/paid subscription per Google/Apple account.

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  • LM01
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    Thanks Rav - you have resolved my query!