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We are a small business and Reckon has ceased renewing the licence for the Reckon accounts plus 2017. But in 2020 the next licence refresh was to be 2027.

So they changed the rules to suit themselves and screw over small businesses, how many other small business are struggling post covid who can't really afford the extra cost's that Reckon is forcing people to endure.

Reckon are basically holding us to ransom, either pay the extra cost's or you can only view your information!

It's basically blackmail!


  • Rav
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    Hi @dayal

    This certainly hasn't been an easy or hasty decision however unfortunately we can no longer continue supporting older versions of software and as such Reckon no longer services older sunsetted versions of the Reckon Accounts Business desktop software.

    We can certainly appreciate this may pose an inconvenience at the outset and we're looking to make the transition for our customers to a current, supported product as smooth as possible if that's what you decide. To that end, the customer service team have created highly discounted offers for users with older sunsetted versions. If you haven't had a chat with our Customer Service team yet, I'm more than happy to organise a call if you'd like or alternatively they're available on 1800 531 840 to discuss your options.

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    Hi @rav,

    Many other company's can have there programs operating without any updates, for example office 2003 that we have is still operational and works great, just no updates etc but still operational.

    Reckon can still do the same, they just choose not to do it! It's a very good blackmail tactic to force businesses to buy your new product whether they want to or not and very much under handed.

    I will pay the $580 annual fee and will never recommend or use ever Reckon again once the life cycle of this business has finished in 12-18 months. the only reason I am not doing it now is I do not have the time to set up another program.

  • GerryWinter
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    I am also sorry you feel this way as well, but you can surely understand any company offering lifetime use and support for free will not be with us for long, so we will be missing out in the end.

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    Hi @GerryWinter,

    I appreciate the comments, we purchased a stand alone program outright for us to use.

    It's like buying a car and then the car manufacture decides you need to upgrade and stops the car from operating until you pay an annual fee for an upgrade and or to get your car to drive again!

    like when we purchased the office 2003, office 2016, office 2019, stand alone desktop programs. we purchased a stand alone program for us to use until we decide to upgrade, Microsoft still allows those programs to operate, the older the version the less updates etc there will be. Just like Reckon, they could allow these programs to operate, Reckon choose to blackmail and force people to upgrade.

    Reckon has just took it upon themselves to decide what people do and when whether they can afford to and or want to or not.

    In reference to your comment, Microsoft is still operation and very successful and still allowing the old programs to operate whilst growing and producing newer and better products. The Reckon Plus 2017 required no support, the only time I had to call Reckon is for the licence renewal. No licence renewal equals no phone calls, equals no support needed. Reckon Plus 2017 program was not for free, we paid for it!

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    I agree but if Reckon were not to survive and shut down where would you be then, dont even think about upgrading your computer etc.

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  • dayal
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    This is not about Reckon closing down. This is about Reckon selling us a desk top program then a few years later stopping the program from working and forcing the business to upgrade or else!

    bit like when our Nissan Navara is 5 years old in June then Nissan deciding they want us to upgrade because they want more money from the people who have already paid for a product they own. But Nissan is not happy we are still using our 5 year old car. So they turn the car off electronically until we pay a ransom fee annually.

    even though they are selling hundred and thousands of cars making hundreds of millions of dollars.

    like Reckon, they are selling large amounts of online software and making millions in profit!

    there will be a very small amount of people using the stand alone desktop version.

    it’s nothing more than a scam to screw people over.

  • Eric Murphy
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    I agreed with most of your points until you started throwing around blackmail, ransom and scam lol.

    While the situation isn't ideal and yes I've also been affected by it, it's none of those things as you (and I) aren't being forced into anything. If I don't like it or want to renew, I simply won't. That isn't a scam or blackmail, it's 'choice'.

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    Hi @Eric Murphy

    Reckon can keep this program open but they choose not too!

    we did not choose for this, we paid for a product they are now forcing us to pay for again, either reckon or another program.

    we do not have the time or resources to change to another program for the short term, so no we do not have a choice because the program is blocked from completing transaction’s.

    the only way we can do anything at this point in time is to pay for a product we have already paid for.

    either way, reckon have us over a barrel with no other options.

    so yes it’s a ransom, pay the fee or you don’t get access to the program you have already paid for, another way to look at it is blackmail. Pay us money or you don’t get your program back.

    I’m betting this was a deliberate act by reckon to screw people over.

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