Firewall Ports and exceptions for Premiere 2022

ZimwasiZimwasi Member Posts: 2

Does anyone have the ports and exceptions required for the 2022 version of Reckon acocounts. Premiere Manufacturing and Wholesale . The person on the phone I called had no idea about:

The Reckon software.

Windows environment



No, I 'm not going to jerk around with searching. Offer some actual support. This happens every year.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,895 Community Manager

    You'll find details on the port numbers and exceptions for Reckon Accounts Business (desktop) in the guide linked below -

  • ZimwasiZimwasi Member Posts: 2

    Well, did all that and today Quickbooks doesn't start at all on any machines after working perfectly over the weekend. So, expect a call from the customer as they currently have three accountants sitting around doing nothing. Every years this has happened since 2013.

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