How to handle Woolworths/Endeavour demerger in Reckon Accounts Personal Plus.

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In September 2021 Elizabeth Roberts asked this question and there is no response shown. I have just rang Reckon who have told me to create another post and someone will get back to be with the answer. I hope that this is correct. However it seems silly to create another post on the same topic that does not show how the software handles this problem.

I posted a stop gap to create clearing accounts and to do your own cost calculation based on the Tax Ruling. This was so I could set up an Endeavour account and allocate dividends received. However for disposal of shares I need to have an accurate basis to use for my 2021/22 tax return, hence the reason for this follow up question.

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    Hi Brian.

    I've responded to the original discussion thread in relation to this query.

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