BAS shows WET incorrectly at 1D

despite contacting support (RKN:00000000118 000 00 5442) I haven't had any response to this problem.

I am a wholesaler and charged WET by suppliers (WET-P), and then charge WET to customers (WET-S), these two are itemised separately on BAS. I have included screen shots of my reports.

All tax reports produced show the correct information, however, simplified BAS includes WET-S correctly at 1C, but includes WET-P at 1D as a negative


  • Rav
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    Hi Sam

    Sorry to hear you haven't had progress on your case. Let me have a chat with our support team to see where this is at and get it moving along.

  • Sam_8326946
    Sam_8326946 Member Posts: 8

    can you please give me an update on the problem with BAS showing negative amount at 1D