EOFY 2021/22 Report adjustments

Hi. I am ready to send through a EOFY report 2021/22 for one of my employees. The EOFY Gross Pay and EOFY Total Superannuation are incorrect by about $1-$2 due to the 2 decimal point limitation when the Payroll App was first released (this was later updated to allow 4 decimal points which fixed the problem but by the time the app was updated with the fix, my July payrun was already done). How do I make the adjustment to correct the EOFY amounts to the exact value? Do I need to adjust the payrun with the slightly off figures or can I adjust the EOFY amount itself?


  • Sid_10229856
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    I fixed the problem. I found Rav's video on "How to Edit an existing pay run and send an adjustment/update event". I edited/updated each payrun that was incorrect (by updating the pay rate in that payrun to 4 decimal places), then resubmitted the update to ATO. Now the EOFY figures are all correct. I'm not sure if there is a way of just correcting the final EOFY amount and submitting that, or whether you have to correct every payrun to achieve the correct EOFY amount. Maybe someone can advise if there's a shortcut. My understanding is that in the past, the ATO only needed the EOFY amount to be correct (and ignored the payrun amounts even if they were wrong). Not sure if that is still the case.

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    @Sid I think there was a similar issue raised recently on this community blog and the suggestion from Community support team was to adjust the Initial YTD summary of the employee before generating the EOFY payrun. The last post in this link may be of help.