One termination pay was not lodged to STP during the year. How to report it now?

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Hi All

One termination pay has not been lodged via STP. It was a separate payrun and the final pay run for that employee. I have discovered this before finalizing the year. Do I need to upload that pay now, it was a fair way back in the year, or wait until finalization, and it should pick it up.?


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    Finalisation should pick it up. I always check my wages totals from my payroll program with the details in Gov Connect, so after finalisation they should agree.

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    Agree with Kris ๐Ÿ˜

    @Leshelle I create, Modify & Memorise a Payroll Summary for This Payroll Year-to-date, with columns displayed as per the applicable pay periods (eg week, Two week etc) then generate this for each STP submission to ensure my totals match the latest column each time.

    This prevents any discrepancies as you go & makes finalisation a very quick & easy 2-minute process at EOFY!

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    Thanks Kris, appreciate the prompt reply.