Accidentally posted & submitted the June2022 payroll twice to STP

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I accidentally posted & submitted the June2022 payroll twice to STP.

The second entry posted was then resubmitted, saved as draft and deleted.

However it is still on the ATO STP report.

I cannot make an adjustment in negative figures.

May I know how to get rid of the second entry in the ATO STP report please?




  • Rav
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    Hi Amy,

    You can't delete any STP submissions that have already been sent to the ATO, we're required to retain all submission data.

    With that said, STP is reported on a Year to Date basis only so if the two submissions were the same then your year to date balances via STP haven't changed.

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  • FLC
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    Hi Rav

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    The balance of the duplicate entry - June2022 pay run is difference from the first entry.

    I can see the duplicate entry on the ATO STP report.

    Hence the FY22 figures is incorrect.

    Please advice what I should do to correct the FY22 figures on ATO STP.



  • swakhlu01 .
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    @FLC as mentioned in the previous post, STP report to ATO is lodged as YTD figures. The ATO STP figures is not a good check of the actual data that has been recorded in the employee income statement. One option is to check with employee (if feasible) whether their 2021-22 YTD Income statement in ATO Mygov is showing correct amounts. You can also cross check this by running an EOFY 2021-22 Payrun report in the Payroll App.

    If there are descrepancies please post here and I am sure there are ways to correct it before you submit the Final EOFY 2021-22 report to ATO.