STP Phase 2 - Early Preparation

Leshelle Member Posts: 103

Hi everyone

I know that we have the deferral until December 2022.

But are there any new payroll items we need to set up for the first pay in July?

What's everyone else doing?

Thanks, Leshelle


  • Rav
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    Hi Leshelle,

    There's some general info below that you might be interested in checking out below -

    There is also information from the ATO in relation to guidelines that you might be interested in checking out here.

    From a Reckon software perspective, there's a fair amount of work being carried out internally when it comes to STP phase 2 requirements at the moment. I don't have a great deal of detail on what that entails or looks like at this stage but we'll be communicating this out a little closer toward commencement time.