Moving from Accounts Hosted to Reckon One

Julie Dorn
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Hi All,

Any advice on moving from Accounts Hosted to Reckon One?

I have been considering ‘simplifying’ our small family owned business and wanting to know more about Reckon One. Has anyone done this?

I have been considering other programmes, but would like to know if integration to Reckon One is ‘easier’ because I already use Hosted?

I am not an accountant or qualified bookkeeper as such, I have just learnt along the way over the last 15years or so.



  • Rav
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    Hi @Julie Dorn

    While they are both cloud accounting software services, they're quite different in a lot of ways as well.

    Firstly, Reckon Accounts Hosted is a more mature software in terms of its features and functionality. Since Hosted is based off the Reckon Accounts software its more established and as such is more advanced in relation to its features.

    Reckon One is the newer kid on the block and its a new cloud service built on newer technology and is super affordable along with being customisable in terms of features through the selection of modules. While its not as rich as Hosted in terms of functionality for larger businesses, its an awesome solution for small business and is continually evolving.

    Each software has its own way of doing things so my recommendation to you would be to give Reckon One a test drive first by taking out a free 30 day trial and see how it works for you and your requirements.

    Please note, as the two operate on vastly different technology and employ different features & workflows, your existing data file from Reckon Accounts Hosted won't directly upload into Reckon One, it will need to go through a data migration process.

    I'll add some info below on Reckon One and an instructional 'Getting Started' video as well -

  • Julie Dorn
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    Thanks Rav,

    That is very helpful. I’ll look through your suggestions.

    I was also wondering if Reckon payroll app works with both or is a separate add on that is helpful with both/either?

  • Rav
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    Hi Julie,

    The Reckon Payroll App is a separate payroll-only app at the moment which is standalone/independent.

    There are plans for it to be able to connect with Reckon One at some stage in the future but is a fair way off at this stage.

  • Julie Dorn
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    Fantastic, Thanks again Rav!