Pay Slips and Income statements email

Pam Middleton
Pam Middleton Member Posts: 7

Since updating to 2022 R2 I cannot email payslips or Income Statements to employees

Any suggestions


  • Kris_Williams
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    Payment summaries possibly!

  • Pam Middleton
    Pam Middleton Member Posts: 7

    Yes, Income statements is the new term for ATO, sorry, It is the Payment Summaries

  • Rav
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    Hi Pam,

    Sorry I flicked a reply on a separate thread that commented on before seeing your own post here. Is it the Send Forms window that is blank ie. not showing any emails?

    If that's the case then its likely due to a corrupt email in the list preventing 'good' emails from showing. I'll link a guide below which outlines some steps on how to solve this -

  • Pam Middleton
    Pam Middleton Member Posts: 7

    Yes Rav, it was the Send Forms window, but I just went back into the file to follow the instructions you posted, and found they were all there to send. The Payment Summaries I tried to send this morning and the pay slips I tried to send last Monday. I have just emailed now and all good. Thanks

  • Bruce
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    @Zappy The expression "Income Statements" is the title of a report provided by myGov (not myGovID) which shows the same information that was previously provided on PAYG Payment Summaries.

  • John Graetz
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    I had a similar problem as Pam in that I could not send any pay slips this morning, using Hosted 2022 R2. Same problem in that nothing showed up in the second window. I had previously sent pay slips and Payment Summaries by email, using Hosted 2021 without any dramas. I decided to try and follow the instructions above which ended up with the problem being resolved in a very strange way. Firstly, we run multi-currency accounts. I decided to set myself up as a customer and create a receipt. Problem. I was told that "The currencies of your bank account and customer/supplier must be the same" What the heck? Then I noticed that the bank account for the deposit was set to a foreign bank account, which I could not change until I deleted the customer name. Then I was able to proceed, but instead, I wondered if that had fixed the emailing problem. Sure enough it did, coincidentally or otherwise. I selected the pay slips for today's pay run, got to the next window, and it then brought them up, together with one pay slip from the previous pay run - I selected that and sent it without drama. Sending another pay slip for today's run then also worked for a number of selected employees. I also checked with this one employee who had in fact received his pay slip on 24/6/22 and well as the re-sent one and the new one, today On the face of it, there may be some bug in Hosted 2022 R2 relating to emailing forms, which could be resolved in some unique ways. John L G