Marking invoice as sent when sent by post

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If I email an invoice it gets marked as sent. That's fine.

However if a client does not have an email address and I print and post the invoice how can I mark/show that it has been sent.


  • Eric Murphy
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    I don't think you can, but the invoice will still be in the list in an unpaid status.

  • Bruce_10864014
    Bruce_10864014 Member Posts: 5

    Thanks Eric,

    I understand you can still see the invoice in the unpaid invoices but there is nothing indicating that it has been sent to the client.

  • Rav
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    The sent/unsent statuses relate to the email status only (screenshot below) as it also ties in to the email history/log in Reckon One. It doesn't apply to other methods of delivery eg. post.

    If you'd like the email status to show 'Sent' for an invoice that you haven't actually sent via email then you'll need to open the invoice, select the option to 'Send via email' and enter your own email address in the 'To' field and send it. This will send the invoice to yourself ie. your own email address and also change the email status from Unsent to Sent. Its a workaround I know however as mentioned that status is linked to the internal Reckon One email functionality only.

  • Bruce_10864014
    Bruce_10864014 Member Posts: 5

    Thanks Ray. Not ideal but does give me a work around.