Access to my STP data to amend for the ATO


I was using the STP app in 2019-2020. I've now become aware that I made an error and duplicated a payrun. I need to gain access to my data to do this in Reckon but Payroll does not recognise my STP login to allow me to do the data transfer to Payroll/\. Could you please contact me to help please?


  • Rav
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    Hi @danlanemedical

    When you created your Payroll App account, did you opt to migrate your data from the STP app over to the Payroll App?

    If so, since that old app didn't create actual pay runs like the Payroll App can but rather only STP submissions, you'll find any historical STP submission data from that app (along with your current STP submissions) in the STP tab. (Screenshot example below).

    Or did you decline the option to migrate? The ability to migrate data isn't available after the account has been created.