Additional Employer contributions to super.

I have posted on this before but now this has become critical as it affects my EOFY report. I cannot report additional employer super contribution to the ATO. I was given the advice to up the % for SGC by Swakhul01 in the past which I shall do in future. However for this financial year I need to override the amount of SGC paid for complete year. I have spent many an hour discussing this with the ATO who tell me I must speak to my software provider as I need to get the correct amount for tax certificates otherwise I need to nullify all my submissions and get new software which will allow this to be reported and the re-submit for the whole year! Is there any solution you can provide me with.




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    Hi Lin - without knowing the full details of what amounts of Reportable Super is involved, a simple option might be to amend the 2021-22 Initial YTD Employee amounts in the Employee settings / Pay Summary section of the Payroll App assuming you are amending for the 2021-22 FY.

    Choose superannuation / salary sacrifice and enter the amount and save.

    Once you run the EOFY Payrun for 2021/22 the app will pick up the amount. However, this amount will not be displayed in the app. But I gather once the EOFY payrun is submitted the amounts is reported in the Employee ATO income statement as Reportable Employer Super contribution.

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    Thanks So much I did this and now have submitted my EOFY report. 🤞