My Savings Plan: Catagorised Spending

I have been using Quicken Personal Pluss 2010 for over 10 years and I have always used the categorised spending under the my savings plan tab to allocate monthly funds and track spending for select categories.

Only a few months ago when a new month started all the categories disappeared so I had to add them again and all the rollover reserves had reset back to zero. I had to manually update them to what they were the previous months.

Then the next month some of the rollover reserves were back to zero and some had rolled over from the previous months the way it should.

I noticed the categories that did work and rolled over the funds from the previous month were the categories that weren't a sub category and all the categories that I was watching that didn't rollover funds from the previous month were a sub category.

An example is, I had always been watching a category named "Fitness:Fitness Equipment" and now that category doesn't roll over the roll over reserve from the previous month to the current month. But say I add the category "Fitness", then it does roll over the rollover reserve to the next month.

What the hell has changed? It had been working fine for all these years and now it's changed for some reason and is really frustrating.

Also another problem that has always happened for as long as I've used this software is when I open up the savings plan screen the whole thing freezes for say 30 seconds and then opens it and when I change between months in my savings plan screen it does the same thing, freezes and takes 30 seconds to swap to the next month. I thought it must have been my old laptop and when I got a brand new fast desktop it still does the same thing. It's very frustrating and makes the whole process of editing amounts and categories and going back and forth between months a very long and frustrating process.

Really hoping someone out there has some answers.