Pay run incorrectly went into 22/23 financial year

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“I did the last pay run of the 21/22 year which was for the period of June but was paid in July. That figure was showing in the the 22/23 EOFY report not the 21/22 report though. I then went in and amended the pay run as being paid on 30th June but it still isn't showing up in the 21/22 EOFY report, it is showing in the 22/23 report.”

Above was from another user. This is exactly what happened to me.

I learnt the instructions from the replying posts to fix it. It didn’t change anything.

Now please let me know how to make sure the April-June pay run goes to 21/22 FY.

I am wondering how the last quarter pay run could automatically go into 22/23 FY. Where was the issue?


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    The pay date is the determining factor on where a pay run belongs, so if you entered this pay run with a pay date in July it belongs in the 2022/23 financial year.

    More info on this is available in the ATO's rules of Single Touch Payroll article and other supporting material starting here.

    So my first question is, what is the correct pay date for this pay run? If its pay date is in July then it belongs in the 2022/23 financial year. Is that correct for you?

    Secondly, you've mentioned you followed the instructions from the previous post however it didn't work for you. Please step me through exactly what you actioned and where it failed for you.

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