Capital Gains report gives incorrect info. Using Personal Plus.

I recently sold several parcels of shares. I estimated my profits of each on my excel spreadsheet as well as entering in Reckon.

I saw that the Realized Gains results in the Income and Expenditure report were vastly different to my spreadsheet results (Net proceeds minus original costs equals profit on sale).

Then I did a report - Investing - Capital gains.

There I saw that the date Bought was listed as 1 July 2015 for all the sales. For several sales I had not taken the average price but had handpicked the parcels I wanted to sell. The Bought dates of these parcels of shares was between 25/6/04 and 7/8/15. In my spreadsheet I listed the actual cost of each parcel on the date it was actually bought.

For example:

Sale Parcel 1 - 1000 shares Bought on 7/8/15 for $82,138.45

Sold 4/10/21 Net proceeds $105,373.40.

My spreadsheet has Profit on sale at $23,234.95

Reckon Capital Gains report shows:

1000 shares Bought 1 / 15 /15

Gross proceeds $105,373.40

Cost Basis $16,002.99

Realised Gain $89,370.41

Initially I thought Reckon had just used an average cost of all the shares in this security as a cost Basis, but that average is $19.38. That's the average cost of shares bought over 26 years.

I hope you can explain what's happening and help me correct it.




  • Trevor Price
    Trevor Price Member Posts: 13

    I had a problem with Capital Gain Report. A work around is to go to the first entry of the stock, open it and save it. Then run the report again.