ReSubmitting new EOFY report with no wages

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Hi, I am the director of my own company but being paid as an employee, we have ceased trading since 30/06/2021. I have amended and resubmitted all payruns for 2022 financial year to $0 as I am being paid out diviends not as a employee. Now I am unable to resubmit my EOFY report as it says I have no paid employees.

Please help me


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    @tomlin Have you removed your name from the Payroll App? This could be one of the reasons for EOFY menu suggesting no paid employees. You will have put yourself back as an employee to generate the Nil EOFY report.

    You could have sent a 2021/22 EOFY STP with Nil value by clicking on the "set all values to zero" button at the bottom of the menu page. You did not need to resubmit all 2021/22 payruns with zero value.

  • tomlin
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    I haven't deleted any employees from my app at all and still this shows up when I want to resubmit as $0

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    Hi @tomlin

     I have amended and resubmitted all payruns for 2022 financial year to $0

    In regard to the above, how did you amend and resubmit the 2022 balances to zero as you've mentioned above?

    Also, more importantly did you delete all your pay runs from the app? If so, that is the reason why you're encountering the current message ie. there are no pay runs to finalise.

    If you create a pay run and mark it as paid only ie. only create a pay run itself and not send a submission.

    You will then be able to use the 'Set all values to zero' option in the EOFY finalisation submission.

    Once that is done you can delete the pay run.