EOFY totals higher than STP lodged amounts

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Trying to work out what is going wrong.

STP amounts in app and in the ATO online services match my MYOB figures for employee earnings.

When I go to submit EOFY it is much HIGHER than what it should be.

I have read other posts of being able to add income but cant see where I can fix it when it is to high. Have spent hours looking through the app and forums.

I am not using any special parts of the app and just standard income/super/tax.

Cant work out why it is not just adding the submitted STP's.

I did do a few amendments over the year, but Reckon app and ATO shows all correct figures.

Please help so I can finalise EOFY for my employee


  • swakhlu01 .
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    @manzp Considering you are attempting to finalise EOFY 2021-22, have you checked if there are any amounts in the intial YTD summary of the employee. Any amounts here will add up to the EOFY in addition to the STPs launched.

  • manzp
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    Hi, Yes I have checked and it is 0 in initial YTD . Any other ideas?

  • swakhlu01 .
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    @manzp one way to reconfirm there are no data issues in the mobile app would be to check the EOFY in the payroll web view.


  • manzp
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    Thank-you. You got the answer...

    Problem was the payroll had multiple entries in it of the same amount. I would have thought the app would use the STP submissions for the calculation, but I was wrong.

    I deleted/adjusted as necessary in payroll and was now able to get the correct total and submit to ATO

    Thanks @swakhlu01 .