eInvoicing with Reckon Accounts Hosted is now available!

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eInvoicing is now available for Reckon Accounts Hosted!

We are excited to announce that eInvoicing functionality is now live in Reckon Accounts Hosted! 

This new functionality is included for all Accounts Hosted customers - so there's no additional cost!

Get started below or check out our eInvoicing how-to guide for step-by-step instructions and tips on getting set up.

eInvoicing is the instant digital exchange of invoices between each party’s accounting software systems, without the need for manual data entry.

The secure exchange of eInvoices brings many benefits including:

  • Greater accuracy & reduced manual invoice handling
  • Improved payment times & cash flow
  • Less risk of interception or fraud
  • Less money spent on printing, posting & emailing invoices

We will be hosting a free eInvoicing webinar with Corey Anderson, the Customer Success Manager at Reckon, on August 17th at 11AMClick here to register.

For more information on eInvoicing please contact the Reckon team on 1300 756 663 or visit our eInvoicing page linked below.

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