I have sent the EOFY report to the ATO but my income statement still reads "Not tax ready

Called the ATO and they haven't received it.

Have I done something wrong? I called and got help to do this at the time.


  • Rav
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    Hi Ridley

    Have your previous submissions been received successfully? ie. do your balances show in MyGov correctly and/or the ATO Business Portal if you have access to it?

    More importantly, have your employees been setup with the correct details including name, TFN, date of birth etc.

  • TLee
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    Hi @Rav, one of my staff members is having the same issue. I submitted all employee EOFY summaries mid July via the App. Other staff have their income details showing as Tax Ready in their online ATO portals. Just this one particular junior who didn't require a TFN as under 18yrs isn’t showing any income details from us in his ATO account. All his other info is correct on the App (name, DOB, Address, Phone). He’s been under our casual employ for 7 months so its the first EOFY summary for him. He called the ATO to check if they could see anything on his file, but they also claimed no income details from us showing. What do i do?

  • swakhlu01 .
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    @TLee - not sure how one expects to have Income statement recorded with ATO without a TFN. I am no expert on this topic but does not sound logical to me.

    I am assuming in some circumstances you have to use special TFN codes to record the STP.


  • Rav
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    Hi @TLee

    From what I understand the TFN is the main attribute that is used to match submission data to the employee. If you used a TFN exemption code as listed by the ATO here then as per further info from the ATO website pasted below its unlikely they'll be able to designate the STP submission data to the employee.

    (Source for the above - ATO website HERE)

  • TLee
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    Hi @Rav ,

    Thanks for your assistance. I ended up phoning the ATO for assistance. It was discovered that my Finalisation of Income Statements had been submitted correctly, he could even see the staff member in questions details there. He didn't know why my staff member couldn't see his Income Statement on his own ATO account and put it down to a glitch somewhere. It has been resolved by me sending the staff member on a business letterhead all of his Payment Summary Totals so that he can manually add them to his Tax Return document. I just thought I’d let you know incase you come across others with this issue that this could be a possibility for them too.

    Thanks again.