Reckon App Totals & ATO STP Totals Differ

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Hi There, ive spent good part of the day trying to figure out why my Reckon Payroll EOFY figures differ substantially from the figures the ATO has for my STP reporting. After going through everything i possibly could on my end and still coming to what should be the correct figures, I requested my accountant to print out from the ATO portal the weekly submissions on their file. It was there that i discovered they have 3 double entries of the same batches, each with different submission IDs. I have not done any double submissions, and it doesn’t show that i have on the Reckon payroll app. Also, the individual EOFY employee figures are correct that are showing on my end and in their payment summaries from the ATO. This has been extremely frustrating! Who do i speak to to correct this?


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    @TLee My opinion is the ATO Business STP reporting is not always accurate. If EOFY in Payroll app is matching the individual employee ATO YTD Income Statement, then perhaps you should simply create the EOFY Payrun and send it so that employee ATO Income statements for 2021-22 get finalised. Unless of course I may have misunderstood your description of the issues.

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    I have already completed and submitted the EOFY pay run. My total annual BAS wages figures are also the same as my STP EOFY pay run. But the ATO has 3 double entries of weekly pay runs on their end which I do not have showing on my weekly pay runs submitted or EOFY pay run. I was not responsible for any duplicate pay run submissions.

    So to explain it differently, everything is showing correctly on my side, but the ato is showing 3 extra pay runs which are duplicates. Hence on their records the total of my annual BAS wages figure is different from my STP EOFY figure.

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    Hi @TLee

    I can't really comment on what is going on at the ATO's end of things but when it comes to the Reckon Payroll App, if the balances that you see in there are correct and reflective of what things should be in reality for your employees then sending through the EOFY finalisation will have overwritten any previous balances held prior and instead replaced with what is in the EOFY finalisation.

    I note that you've mentioned you've already sent through an EOFY finalisation, are balances that are now with the ATO from that finalisation (and subsequently in your employee's MyGov for their tax returns) not correct?