EOFY report has no deductions listed but has taken it from the total gross pay

Hi, I'm trying to do the EOFY report and there is an error. The "deductions" (which are super salary sacrifice) and "earnings" were correct on each quarterly STP submission BUT when EOFY report is done the "earnings" = 0, and the "gross earnings" = "actual gross earnings" less the "deductions" (as per each 1/4 STP). Help!


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    @Richard21 The EOFY report has following fields -

    Total Gross Pay, Total Tax Deducted, Total Superannuation, Total allowances and Total Deductions.

    I am not clear if "earnings"and "gross earnings" are listed.

    Please check this video and related Important info comments to verify if this matches with your observations.


  • Richard21
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    Hi @swakhlu01 .

    Yes, that is what I meant. Total Gross pay is wrong on the EOFY report ($2000 less than it should be). And Total Deductions = 0, when it should be $2000. And Total Superannuation is wrong too.

    Quote from your link dated 6 July: "Our development team is aware of this [error relating to salary sacrifice, total super, etc] and are exploring options to enhance this aspect in the app to avoid confusion for our users." Yes, I'm confused!

    Has the app been fixed yet? The link you sent me suggests we just send in the EOFY report even though it looks wrong. Is that what you still recommend?

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    @Richard21 an easier option would be to check the FY21-22 YTD Employee Income statement at the ATO Mygov portal. That depends on who the employee is.

    I am a directing this post to @Rav in the Community Support team to answer your query on the progress with issues highlighted in post of 6th July.

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    Hi @Richard21

    The scenario of RESC (additional super above the default rate and/or salary sacrifice) not appearing visually in the EOFY finalisation and Pay Summary screens is still present at the moment unfortunately.

    We would have liked to have solved this already but we've had some of the goalposts shift on us when it comes new specification requirements by Apple so have had to hit pause on our update schedule while we work through that, which is what our teams are currently doing.

    I can assure that any RESC components that you've added in your pay runs ARE being correctly recorded by the Payroll App and sent to the ATO as part of your STP submissions (and EOFY finalisation). They just don't visually appear on the screen at the moment.

    Our recommendation is for Payroll App users not delay sending through their EOFY finalisations. Any RESC balances that you've paid throughout the course of the year via salary sacrifice, additional super etc have been recorded in the app and will be sent through with your finalisation.

  • Richard21
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    Hi @Rav ,

    Ok, thanks. All the best.