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I am trialing Reckon Accounts Hosted having been a long term user of Accounts Desktop Premier. I intend to have 2 licences. However, i have noted that if I am logged in to the company file as a full access user and somebody else uses the Hosted login on another computer they bump me off and automatically have high level access. This seems to be a problem as junior staff could have access to detailed reporting until the usurper login has been located and closed.


  • Rav
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    Hi @Fenton

    I'm assuming that the user B is logging into Hosted with the exact same credentials as user A, correct? If you wish to have multiple users working on a file concurrently then they need to each have their own licence.

    When user B logs into the active session with the same credentials, the system acknowledges it as the same person ie. user A, and gives them control of the existing Hosted session, including access to whatever is operating in that session at the time ie. the same company file and access. 

  • Fenton
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    Thanks Rav

    I only need to have 2 users active at any one time so I understand i need 2 licences. However, 6 staff will need to be able to access to the company file at various times. The concern is that if one of the lower tier staff use a licence to login and bump off one of the managers then they will have access to manager level information until they are identified and logged out.

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    You set the other staff up as users and give them only certain access, but I do understand your question about ‘bumping’ the other one off and possibly he would have full use, @Rav is the one to answer this. I’ll try and test it out on a file I have……

    sorry I can’t answer that as none of mine have 2 licences, just 2 users sharing the one license