STP totals and EOY reconciliation

Back in November I amended one employees pay and instead of running a file replacement I ran a new file and loaded it. I now have two files on the same date. In addition I didn't submit the final pay in June before running the EOY reconciliation. My accountant is now saying that the totals reported to the ATO via STP don't match to Reckon and wants me to ring the ATO re the November problem and run another EOY to correct the June problem. Any suggestions?


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    Hi @hjauncey

    Setting aside the previous STP submissions for a moment, if you take a look at the total 2021/22 balances for your employees as they stand currently in the software, do they reflect what they should be in reality ie. correct or are they wrong?

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    Hi @hjauncey

    Just to add on to Rav's response, STP updates YTD balances each time rather than "adding" each submission. This means any duplications won't affect the totals as the YTD balances won't have changed.

    The Final Pay Event (finalisation) just confirms what's been submitted for a FY so if you've since uploaded another submission dated within 2022, just submit a new Final Pay Event now. This will override/update the previous one & should then reflect the correct totals 😊

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