Unable to login to https://payroll.reckon.com/login

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Issue: I'm trying to login into 'https://payroll.reckon.com/login' however the 'Log in' button never changes from grey and when I click it anyway it just resets the page (the email/password input is blank, and no errors come up to indicate what might be the issue)

I've tried on my Windows computer using Microsoft Edge, Microsoft edge in private mode, Firefox, also tried on my mobile using Chrome


1 - Go to https://payroll.reckon.com/login

2 - Enter in my login details

3 - 'Log in' button stays grey, click it anyway

4 - Page refreshes, both inputs are cleared, and no errors appear

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • louise_d_butler
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    Thanks to you both.

    I've worked out that it's my ad blocking proxy blocking something (assuming a tracker of some sort), I've managed to login by circumventing it.


  • swakhlu01 .
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    @louise_d_butler I am able to login in successfully using Chrome from Windows computer.

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    Hi @louise_d_butler

    Is this still occurring for you today? I've just tested out on Chrome and Firefox (PC) in both regular and incognito modes and seemed to work normally in attempts.

    Are you entering your login credentials manually or are they being pre-filled from being saved in the browser?