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The company I work for is interested in purchasing an annual licence for Reckon Asset Manager. I can't find any information and I have made two calls to Reckon with no result.

Can anyone direct me to some screenshots or a description of the product (YouTube?) so I can work out if it is suitable for our needs.

There is absolutely no online information other than an option to purchase in the estore. There is zero description there too.

Feeling that the program is no longer available or supported?

We use Reckon Enterprise and prefer locally hosted software.

I understand there are many other alternatives, but the boss trusts Reckon and it is his preferred option if suitable.


  • Rav
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    Hi there Cathy

    If I recall correctly I believe the Reckon Asset Manager software is no longer actively supported. I'll get that eStore page looked at by the team.

    Can you give us a brief rundown on your requirements? There may be an integration option in our Add-on Marketplace that I'll link below which may be better suited?

  • Cathy_9485003
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    Hi Rav

    Thank you so much for your response, greatly appreciated.

    We run a plant & machinery hire business and have a lot of equipment/assets that need to be managed. Including all details for insurance, long-term hire customers and location, service details. Some financial information would ideally be kept available to minimal people - so would prefer the option of setting up different user accesses.

    We currently use a spreadsheet, but I believe it is inadequate and keeping a history of changes, to name only one of many issues!

    I have previously looked at the Asset Accountant in the add-on Marketplace, is that my best option?


  • Rav
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    Thanks Cathy. I think based on what you've mentioned so far, Asset Accountant could be a viable option but I'd suggest that you give it a test drive first to ensure that it meets all your requirements and your workflow. I note that it offers a 30 day trial so you can give it a go to see if it suits.

    I'll also tag @PhuongDo in this conversation who is one of our integration dev partner's and perhaps may be able to suggest whether he has a solution or potentially a custom solution that may fit?