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I'm about to retire (health issues). Search revealed no one for me to refer a client to. I've been doing it mainly via TeamViewer - but there are times when hands-on (Upper or Lower Hutt) is essential. Is there no other support available in the Valley? I'm keen to keep her on Reckon because this is a family trust (not a business) set up over a decade ago when her husband was dying and her children were still at school.

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  • PhilANZ
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    Further to this client, I've got another I need help with. This is just a small company - the owners have moved offshore for health reasons. They had to appoint a director in NZ so their Masterton daughter does this. The operations have become simpler since he moved (e.g. no fixed assets, his US taxes are not part of the job) and this client is not too concerned about switching packages. However I'd like to find someone in or near Masterton to whom I could recommend them.