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Andrea Taylor
Andrea Taylor Member Posts: 21

Hi everyone

I am trying to find a report that will show me all of the individual transactions for a single product Bought and Sold.

When I look under Sales by Item it is showing me the correct sale price but tells me there is a quantity of 67 but there are only 34 invoices and maybe 5 purchases. This doesn't make sense.

Ideally I want to be able to print off a breakdown of income and expenses for particular activities (items).

Can somebody help me out please? Or is it just not possible with this entry level version of Reckon? I'm sure I can do it with the Reckon Hosted version I use for work.



  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,356 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi Andrea

    The 'Sales by Item' report should give you what you're looking for or at least come pretty close. Its a tad strange that the figures in your report aren't consistent to your transactions.

    Can I just clarify, is the quantity of the selected items in those 34 invoices total the quantity showing in your sales by item report or is there a discrepancy there?

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  • Andrea Taylor
    Andrea Taylor Member Posts: 21

    Hi Rav

    Each invoice was only for 1 quantity of the item per invoice. It was a camp fee for each child (customer).

    Am I correct in assuming that the final figure is the income less the expenses, because that doesn't seem to add up either. It's a bit confusing and I really need to be able reflect the actual profit or loss from these activities.

  • Andrea Taylor
    Andrea Taylor Member Posts: 21

    I was hoping there was a way I could see all transactions, both income and expenses, that are applied to an individual item. Is there an easier way than simply writing the actual item in the reference for every transaction?