EOFY STP Finalisation 21/22 -How to set up Salary Sacrifice Type S

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I have one employee who was on Salary Sacrifice (superannuation) for the year ending 30th June 2022.

I noted that from STP Phase 2, the gross amount is reported at pre-salary sacrificed gross. E.g. if employee's annual salary is $100,000 and $20,000 is deducted as superannuation salary sacrifice, then the gross amount was reported as $80,000 in STP phase 1, but $100,000 in Phase 2.

I see that STP Finalisation processed through Reckon Accounts Hosted is reported at pre-salary sacrificed gross in 21/22 year. This means that we also need to report salary sacrifice as type S (Super) as well as RESC. (ATO Reference as below)

However, we can only see gross amount (pre-salary sacrifice) and RESC in the employee's income statement (available from MyGov), but not salary Sacrifice type S amount.

Taking example before, the income statement only shows:

Gross: $100,000

RESC: $20,000

This is causing the employee an issue when she is trying to file her tax return on her own.

Please can anyone advise how we can set up superannuation salary sacrifice correctly on Reckon Account hosted so that salary sacrifice Type S shows up in STP?

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    Hi @Tommy95

    All Reckon payroll software, including Reckon Accounts Hosted, is currently deferred from Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 requirements to 30 June 2023. Check out more info linked below including our Deferral Reference Number.

    We're continuing to work closely with the ATO to implement STP Phase 2 and we'll be in touch with everyone very soon with updates along with the next steps specific to your product/software. 

    For now, you don't need to do anything, and can continue to report Single Touch Payroll as normal.


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    As Rav has said, STP 2 is not in place with Reckon software yet but the Gross amount in myGov (& on your Reckon GovConnect STP submissions) should be the Adjusted Gross figures reflected in RAH.

    Using your example, it should be reporting $ 80,000 at Gross Payments & $ 20,000 at RESC. If the Gross Payments is showing $ 100,000, this means your Payroll Items are not mapped correctly for STP 😬

    If you need assistance to reconfigure this, feel free to get in touch with me direct ☺️

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    Thanks @Rav and @Acctd4

    It all make sense now. Much appreciated