Quickbooks 2008/09 Installation Issue

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Hi, I have been using an old version of Quickbooks and recently had to purchase a new desktop. My new desktop does not have a CD Drive.

I have retained the old harddrive in my new desktop and I can locate my previous install on Local Disk (E) Program Files (x86) and the qbw.ini file saved in Local Disk (E) public public documents intuit.

Can I transfer the Intuit folder and the qbw.ini file over to my C Drive and access my company file or do I need to install a CD Drive and reinstall quickbooks?

Thank You.


  • Kris_Williams
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    No, there’s absolutely nothing you can do to keep using that version. Can’t install it even if you had the right equipment as they won’t activate it, too old 🙁

  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
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    Hi @Andrews,

    The QBW.INI file is not your data file.

    Your data file may be called for example "My Company.QBW" or simply "My Company" and it would have a red icon (or green icon) usually alongside it and its "Type" would be "QuickBooks Company File" or "Reckon Accounts Company File"

    Best option is to purchase the current software and upgrade the QBW (data file).