Pay Summary not adding to input of pay slip for superannuation

When creating individual pays weekly I found that the totals at the EOFY fell short. So I manually changed the 10% to the corresponding extra amount I paid into my super to bring the total paid to agree with the Reckon free app.

When I went into the financial year 2021-22 Pay summary the total for my super was not reflecting the extra amount paid. The extra amount I changed the 10% to a higher % to get the correct extra total was not appearing in my Pay summary.

How does we correct this so that the pay summary reflects what was actually paid extra into my super totals for the EOFY?


  • Rav
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    Hi @VellaBuilding_5

    RESC components such as additional super paid over the default rate and/or salary sacrifice are currently visually not shown in the Pay Summary and EOFY finalisation screens in the Payroll App. With that said, all RESC components are recorded by the app and sent to the ATO as part of your STP submissions however its just visually you'll only see super paid at the default rate in the EOFY & Pay Summary screens in the app.

    Rest assured, the amounts in the pay run data will be reported to the ATO when its submitted ie. the full amount that you enter for super.

    The individual pay run, payslips and Pay Summary Report will show the full amount for Super.