Reckon Accounts P Plus licence renewal

peter1 Member Posts: 16

cannot access on pc it says licence not renewed.

subscription paid 23/10/22 and receipt received in mail showing paid

can you assist

thanks peter

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  • tregear
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    I was locked out also having paid last week. When the date comes for expiry you are automatically locked out! I rang Reckon after I couldn't manually activate PP with the installation key showing on my computer when it told me that my Reckon had expired, which of course was incorrect. As I said the company had acknowledged my payment.

    The lass I spoke to emailed me the link to install it. It took me right through both of the whole processes and, after her telling me that I didn't have to uninstall 2021 it instructed me to do that.

    I believe I could have gone into Reckon also and downloaded the new PP2022

    The installation process was easy after unzipping the .exe but it hung on the last section of the installation pop-up diagram. I took the risk and went back to my programs and found the new installation and surprise surprise it actually opened up.

    My data files are stored in my Documents as is the information that I download from the bank each month and they of course are backed up daily. I do not save them before I install a new program.

    I just cannot fathom why it is so difficult to install each year and why they no longer have no Technical support for this product of theirs. I have found Rav to be very helpful over the years.


  • Samuel
    Samuel Member Posts: 3

    please download new version from members site

    I also had this issue when download new version it start working

  • peter1
    peter1 Member Posts: 16

    thanks for the comment

    i have downloaded the new version but have to uninstall the old files so it will instal

    how to do this when the current version will not open to uninstall them because it says licence

    not renewed which after calling the 1800 number this morning they said it is all paid up

    any further solutions to try.

  • Rav
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    Hi @peter1

    Check out the steps listed in the guide I've linked below. It will walk you through how to perform a clean uninstall of Reckon Personal software -

  • tregear
    tregear Member Posts: 12

    I downloaded as above today having paid a week ago and then not able to get into Reckon PP 2022 this morning as it said the product had expired. I had an email confirming the payment.

    The product number provided did not activate the account and now am now being asked to Register the account and comes up with a window asking for my customer number which it will not take.

    Do I have to take this step? The uninstall and download so far looks successful.

    I have this problem every year in activating.

  • peter1
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    hi tregear

    actually there is an error my comment i am locked out of PPlus 2020 and cannot access it even though paid before expiry. so i am trying to install 2022 . i dont know why i am unable to access 2020.

    you are ahead of me I am trying to get around the uninstall process of program files and then removing

    personal data files to a backup stick. i assume they have to be restored in the new 2022 installation which by your experience i still will not be able to open .

    your customer number could be the same as ID no. and PIn sometimes needed.


  • peter1
    peter1 Member Posts: 16

    hi rav

    i dont understand why i am locked out of personal plus 2020 when subscription is paid up and before

    the expiry date. is there a way to access it i dont need the upgrade right now .


  • peter1
    peter1 Member Posts: 16


    thanks for that . I did not know it is now required to update or get locked out on the expiry date and

    wish that i had . tomorrow shall uninstall the program files and leave the data alone and hope for the best.

  • peter1
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    i get emails saying Zappy answered my question but nothing comes up on this site

    so sorry cannot respond to Zappy.

  • peter1
    peter1 Member Posts: 16

    hi all

    ok all fixed thanks for the help.