Can't login

Hi, I can't login to the payroll app. When I open the app and enter the security code it then takes me to a screen asking for my ABN which I enter and it says it's already registered, which I know it is but I can't get in to my profile to

pay my staff. This must have just happened this week as last week was completely normal.


  • Rav
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    Hi @Signature_Creations

    Are you logging in with the same credentials ie. email address that your account was created with and ABN registered to?

    When I look at the ABN from your screenshot I can see there is already an existing account that its been registered to. I can't advise you what email address the account is under but put simply, if you enter the correct email address & password that the account was created with it should let you through.

    Let me know how you get on.

  • Signature_Creations
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    It allows me to sign in, but after the authentication screen usually it goes straight to my employer profile but now it just goes to this (attached) and I can't get any further without putting my ABN in but then it goes the the other screen saying there's an existing account, which is the one I want to get into.

  • Signature_Creations
    Signature_Creations Member Posts: 3

    Ok I've just uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and it has let me in. Seems to be sorted now. Thank you.