Resumit the Payrun by mistake, how to delete ?


I use Reckon payroll app via androi. I resubmit the payrun by mistake . Now when click the payruns, it show 1 payrun, but when click STP it show 2 same payrun. Do I need to delete one payrun , and how ?

I check "Employee YTD summary" , it's correct (not include the amount that I resubmit).

Thank you

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    @AnnTaffs If the YTD Summary in Reckon is showing correct figures for the employee then once you create and submit the next payrun, the ATO figures for employee will also update to the correct YTD Summary. If there are no more payruns expected in 2022/23 FY, then whenever you run the EOFY 2022/23 Payrun report and submit, the ATO figure will get updated to the correct value.