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When I commenced writing a new cheque, the top right-hand location for 'no.' changed to 'no. to send' and 'memo' changed to 'transmit memo. Not only that, when I started adding details, a message requested all of a sub contractor's bank details, bank branch #,

Anyone know what is going on here?

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    Hi Chris

    No, definitely not! Sounds like you've just inadvertently selected Bank (Online) as the payment type/method:

    Just open the Write Cheque transaction, change this back to Cash/Cheque again in the dropdown & re-save it 😊

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  • Chris_7194422
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    After completing a cheque, this form appeared. I have no idea about it. Is this something new? Supposedly I need to send payments through the 'Online Banking Centre. I don't need this (crap) at this stage of my working life. Do I have to comply?

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    Thank you, Shaz. I had managed to calm down after copying payees into a spreadsheet from the bank website. And had also worked out how to skip by some! Thanks a bunch. You are spot on.