pay run summary does not reflect pay run

The totals in the pay run do not match with the pay run summary. Not sure what I am doing incorrectly.


  • Rav
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    Hi Leanne

    Can you provide more info on this please.

    What is not matching specifically? Gross pay, tax, super, allowances, deductions? Or everything?

    Are the totals you see in the Pay Summary over or under what the totals are of your pay runs?

    More importantly, how have your pay runs been created? Specifically, which earning items are you using? Are you using any custom earning items in your pay runs? If so, have they been created as 'tax applicable'?

  • Hi Raj. I have entered them individually now and it is only a problem on the two employees with double time overtime. For example, the employee I am looking at at the moment on the app has gross $2255.76 and tax of $596, so net $1659.76 (which is correct as I have the same in the spreadsheet). When I go to the pay run summary it says his gross is $2053.68 and tax $526 so net $1527.68.

    I only regularly use ordinary, overtime, pay rdo, sick leave, annual leave. Double time overtime rarely if ever until today. Just checked the tax applicable and they are all marked for that.

  • Good morning Raj.

    I am still having problems with the figures in the pay runs. The two employees that I had issues with last week I still have not been able to enter correctly despite deleting & reentering, rebooting my phone etc

    This week I have entered one person and did not save it as the figures changed from entering to the pay run summary.

    His pay was $1748 (38hr)+$64.17 (.93 OT)+$138 (pd rdo hrs)=$1950.17 less $627 (has student loan) tax net pay $1323.17 which shows on my phone.

    Then the pay run summary underneath this says gross $1955.69, tax withheld $629, net pay $1326.69

    What can I do to sort this out please Raj?

    Thank you


  • Rav
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    Hi Leanne

    Sorry I'm having a hard time piecing this together at the moment.

    Can you show me a screenshot of how the pay run has been setup, in particular the earnings items that you're using. Specifically only the employees who this is affecting ie. the two who are accruing double overtime. Also, what are the employee's tax scale and pay frequency?

    (You don't need to provide any sensitive info, I just need to see the setup of the pay runs and the items)

    The most common cause of pay summary being incorrect is due to the earnings items that are being used, particularly if custom items have been created so I'd suggest starting there first.

    I just need to see where things are going wrong.


    Rav (not Raj)

  • Sorry Rav.

    I am using the payroll app, I will need to work out how to do a screenshot of my phone and then send it to you.

    I have checked everything I can think of. Its just odd that the amounts of the items and the tax are all good when they are entered, but then the payroll summary is not the same.


  • Hi Rav

    This is the screenshot. I have not saved the pay run as it is not right.

    As shown in the image, the employees in this pay run have a the total net pay of $3090.50 ( made up of gross $4426.50 - tax $1336).

    The pay run summary shows gross $4009.37 and tax withheld $1155 so net $2854.37.

    This is not what was entered or is showing in employees in this pay run.

    Any ideas appreciated!

    Thank you


  • Rav I have not been able to complete any pay runs for December. I enter the pays with no issue. The pay run summary figures are incorrect. If I add up the figures in the pay run, they are different to the pay run summary. What can I do to resolve this issue? Leanne

  • Rav
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    Hi Leanne,

    I understand that Teddy from our support team has been in touch to work through this with you. He'll be giving you another call today for a follow up.

  • Thank you Rav.

    I will email him now for a call back.

    Appreciate your help with this.

    Thank you

  • Issue resolved, thank you so much to the team for helping me out.

    If it happens again, I will not panic!

    Cheers, Leanne