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Wondering if someone can offer advice. We have an employee who has changed their name from a female name to male name. They have provided us with new licence in the new name. We are advising them to contact the ATO to update the details. Are there any specific requirements of Reckon to update to the new name. We have told them until they have updated with ATO we cant change anything. If anyone has had experience with this and can help, any info would be appreciated.



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    Hi there Leanne

    As you've mentioned, its crucial that the employee has updated their details on the ATO end to prevent data matching and pre-fill issues.

    Once you have confirmed that has been completed then you can update it within your Reckon software.

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    Hi Leanne

    In my experience, any name differences within the payroll system don't actually affect the STP process as STP seems to be reliant on non-negotiable detail eg Employee Number (as this shouldn't be changed!), TFN & DOB.

    By way of personal ("employee") example ... my legal name is actually "Sharon" (which I hate 😫) In my employment, I'm in the payroll under "Shaz" & there have been no STP or tax return prefill issues at all (& I would know as I'm the one who lodges both! 😊)

    What I can tell you from a tax perspective is that the tax return MUST be lodged using the same legal name as the one registered with the ATO. If not, it can hold-up the return processing for months - I have had tax clients who have had this happen previously, particularly where the name was spelt incorrectly or where the return was lodged under a new married name but that info's had not yet been updated with the ATO first!

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    Thanks Rav and Shaz:) (didn't dare write Sharon:)

    All makes sense