How do I export the Memorised Transaction List and Import into another Company File?

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Hi all,

We really purchased a business that runs RAH. We have successfully transferred all of the Lists into a new Company File and we are up and running. The only item my accountant would also like to have is the Memorised Transaction List. The owner of the previous Company File has been unable to download in IIF and could only download in CSV . . . is that right? How then do I upload into the new Company File?

Thanks Josh


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    Hi Josh

    Unfortunately that list is not exportable in IIF format which will in turn prevent it from being imported.

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    Hi Rav - can you import as CSV? Thanks Josh

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    Why dont you get a hard copy and then enter the ones you want manually

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    Hi Josh

    If you're just wanting their list for reference, the previous owner can generate & save/print it to PDF or export it to a formatted Excel file by clicking on Reports (along the top toolbar) > Lists > Memorised Transactions:

    The reason it's not one of the available lists for exporting/importing is probably because Memorised Transactions can often be quite company file/user-specific - The purpose of them is to "copy" or auto-enter a particular transaction layout (like a multi-line insurance bill that has GST & non-GST lines) or a recurring entry (like a monthly bank account fee or loan repayment) eg the transactions the previous owner had memorised, may not be the same ones that you may want to memorise!

    When you enter a transaction into the program, you can choose to memorise it at that time by either clicking on Edit along the top toolbar > Memorise ... or by pressing Ctrl + M on your keyboard simultaneously. This will build your own, specific list.

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