STP submitted twice

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i thought that the declaration hadn’t gone through so I did it again. Now the same stp has been submitted twice. Do I need to do anything or will the ATO realise?


  • Rav
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    Hi @pmockler

    Single Touch Payroll is reported on a Year to Date basis only so if the two submissions you sent were identical to each other then the YTD balances will be the same ie. the totals won't be doubled.

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  • Flash
    Flash Member Posts: 2

    Hi Rav

    This also happened to me. As I’m a company director and have access to the ATO business portal I can see the duplicate. This needs to be resolved. I shouldn’t have to spell it out that this is a problem. Please look beyond Reckon payroll for a moment. I understand how it works as I’ve used the Reckon product for several years now. I can’t reconcile this duplicated pay run with the ATO in our BAS statement.

  • DJHarper
    DJHarper Member Posts: 6

    Hi Rav & Flash

    It's really disconcerting the see the duplicates in the ATO STP report and I don't understand what the YTD Report means because there is no Year To Date report that I can see.

    Based on the ATO thread below it shouldn't be a problem....

    But as Flash advises, the STP cannot be recociled against the BAS

  • swakhlu01 .
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    @DJHarper your concerns are valid and after being on the phone to ATO Business services I have not received any convincing reponse whether the businesses lodging STP and BAS should be concerned about reconciling the figures. In the older version of what is now the ATO online Business Services website the STP YTD figures were visibile. This is no longer the case as only the individual payrun figures are visible. So ATO may need to ensure the new Service functionality is consistent with the old ATO Business Portal.

    The other issue is the ATO Business Services website does not give any details of the total superannuation contributions reported in a Payrun (or YTD) on behalf of employees. This could have repurcussions on the Superannuation lodgement compliance for the employer. Once again, we have to trust the figures held within the STP Software.

    This 2020s ATO community blog sheds some light on the STP YTD view report available in old ATO Portal-