How do we update UserNames to something more current.

Brett Robson
Brett Robson Member Posts: 2

The UserName that corresponds to my UserID is a person that died 4 years ago. His passing was a sad event and I dont want to see his name every morning when I log in.

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  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,097 Community Manager Community Manager
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    Hi Brett

    That's totally understandable and my condolences.

    If you give our NZ Reckon Accounts Hosted support team a call on 0800 933 666 they'll be able to facilitate a change to the user name for you ASAP.

    Alternatively if you'd like to shoot me your User ID and contact number in a private message, I'm happy to arrange a call for you.


  • Brett Robson
    Brett Robson Member Posts: 2

    Thanks very much Rav.

    We have about 11 users that all should have UserNames changed to more appropriate descriptions.

    Can I arrange a change for each - I am the primary contact for our organisation