Timesheet Allowances in Reckon Account Hosted via API

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Hi All,

Recently we've been integrating one of our clients payrolls between our system and Reckon Accounts Hosted, and I've come up against a bit of an issue.

They are trying to push allowances from our system across and we obv need to link the allowances in our system to the ones in Reckon

At first I tried hitting PayrollItemNonWageQueryRq

but I just get the following message

<QBXMLMsgsRs>\n<PayrollItemNonWageQueryRs statusCode=\"1\" statusSeverity=\"Info\" statusMessage=\"A query request did not find a matching object in Reckon Accounts\"

They have allowances set up in their Payroll section as Additions,

I'm just wondering

a) Is there something I need our client to setup in Reckon to be able to pull these items out, or is there a different endpoint I should try hitting?

b) Once I do have them (if possible) can i just include them in a standard TimeTrackingAddRq or would I need to send them separately?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.