Domestic Violence payments recording on payslips in Reckon

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Just had a long conversation with our payroll master in relation to the new 10 days Domestic violence paid leave per year and recording it in Reckon. Would like to see how others are approaching.

The question relates specifically to payslips and the recording of it on them. One of the requirements is that it is not to be displayed on the payslip at all for privacy reasons.

From what we can see, there is no way to remove it from the body of the payslip, only the header and footer. The idea was to have it recorded under the leave 2 but not have it displayed.

How is everyone else approaching this?


  • Lance Arthy
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    Using the Other Leave 1 or Other Leave 2 was my first thought. Because privacy is such a consideration I'm leaning more towards keeping records in a secure (if there is such a thing) spreadsheet.

    I'm lucky in that I only have to record 4 employees. Any time F&DV leave is taken I'll treat it as if they worked anyhow and show on their payslips as such. That's the theory.

  • Brenton
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    Thanks for your thoughts, Lance.

    Thats the only other solution we can come up with also. There's just no way currently to keep that data off the payslip. The payslip form cant be editted enough to remove the details out of the body.


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    It can be shown on the Payslip, it just can't state that it is specifically "Family & Domestic Violence Leave".

    The regulations suggest naming it something else eg "Other", "Miscellaneous" or "Special" Leave instead in order to be Payslip-compliant whilst also protecting the employee's privacy 😊

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